Kosmetische Medizin 5-2011: 238-243

A new “old” non invasive therapy concept not only – but also for aesthetic medicine


KEYWORDS: Hypoxia-hyperoxia-interval-therapy, metabolism, stem cells

Hypoxia-hyperoxia-interval-therapy (IHHT TM) is a non invasive holistic procedure that can achieve holistic rejuvenation of the metabolism through regeneration and activation of the mitochondrial metabolism. Besides mere medical indications, the procedure can also be utilised in medical wellness and aesthetics. The first systematically produced results in Europe in these application fields show, that the procedure has high potential. From the basic mecanical/functional potential of the method, amongst others to modulate stem cell liberation out of bone marrow, in theory at least one field in aesthetic surgery arises. It doesn’t have to be emphasized, that the IHHT TM procedure wins more potential, if it is applied in combination with a vitamin or mineral substitution and/or in combination with a mitochondrial effective cosmeceutical.

This article shall give a short introduction on the principles and possibilities of a controlled interval-hypoxia-hyperoxia-therapy. The application data from patients and cohorts where produced with a device of the company Cellgym based on the therapeutic strategies of the Cellgym-Technologies GmbH.

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