Kosmetische Medizin 5-2011: 226-237

Scars and keloids


KEY WORDS: Scars, keloids, imiquimod

Scars develop after a traumatic damaging of the skin; the generated substance erosion in the connective tissue is replaced only imperfectly. In most of the cases, scars create only a minor disturbance, whose degree is dependant on the localisation, size and the activity of the reparative development of the connective tissue. Most scars can be concealed without a problem, if at all necessary. If hypertrophic scars create a psychologic strain, they should be treated.

In contrast, keloids represent a massive problem for doctors and patients. These scars cause tension, itchiness, are painful and can lead to restrictive movement. The available treatment modalities are numerous but mostly afflicted with undesirable side effects and no safe efficacy. Increased interest is being focused on the treatment with the immunomodulator imiquimod after scar excision.

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