Efficacy and tolerability of propolis special extract GH 2002 for the treatment of Pityriasis vericolor in a shower gel after a 10 day pre-treatment with a oral antimycotic – a therapeutic recommendation


1 Dr. med. Dagmar Selzle, Fachärztin für Dermatologie und Allergologie, Am Harras 15, D-81373 München
2 Dr. med. Simona Holcová, Fachärztin für Dermatologie und Venerologie, Jugoslávská 13, CZ-61300 Brünn
3 Mag. Marie Hladiková, Abteilung für Medizinische Informatik, 2. Medizinische Fakultät der Karls Universität, V Ùvalu 85, CZ-15006 Prag

KEY WORDS: Propolis, Pityriasis versicolor, Malassezia furfur, Pityrosporum ovale

The effects of a shower gel with the active constituent propolis special extract GH 2002 (1% in the preparation) were examined in 104 patients suffering from Pityriasis versicolor. During the first 10 study days 74 patients concomitantly received an oral antimycotic therapy.

The shower gel was applied daily for 8 weeks, followed by an application 2-3 times weekly for further six months. The assessment included the severity of symptoms, the affected area on trunk and back, transpiration and the evaluation of the reduction of the microorganism by microscopy of native preparations. Additionally the viability of the hyphens was tested by cultures on Sabouraud agar.

Starting from the examination after four weeks a steadily increasing and statistically highly significant and clinically relevant effect was observed in both groups, which was also confirmed by microscopic controls. After 8 months the single parameters were improved by up to 90 % on average. Upon study termination yeast hyphens were microscopically detectable in 28.4 % of patients initially treated with oral antimycotics, whereas positive samples were obtained in 53.8 % of patients without antimycotic co-medication. The additional control by cultures on agar indicates that a part of the microscopically detected yeast hyphens was no longer viable (positive cultures in 1.4 and 30.8 % of patients with and without oral antimycotics, respectively). Tolerability was excellent in all patients. There were no local irritations or allergic reactions.

The study results confirm the application of a shower gel with propolis special extract as an effective measure in the treatment of Pityriasis versicolor. An initial concomitant 10-day course of an oral antimycotic further improves the therapeutic effects.