Kosmetische Medizin 2-2009: 16 – 19

Plantar macular hyperpigmentation


KEY WORDS: Plantar; Pigmented macules; Blacks

Pigmented lesions on the soles occur in blacks and are of diverse aetiologies. Earlier reports had suggested they could be cutaneous makers for some systemic disorders or actually be precursors for malignant melanoma. We examined pigmented spots on the soles of the foot in healthy individuals and some disease states associated with increase melanin production. A total 248 subjects were examined. They were comprised of 50 cases of congestive cardiac failure, 50 cases of chronic renal failure and 48 cases of chronic liver disease. We also included fifty healthy adult volunteers and 50 children. There were 141 males with an M : F ratio of 1.45 : 1. The age range of the subjects ranged from 3-90 years. Plantar macular areas of hyperpigmentation (PMH) was found in 84% of the subjects with chronic renal disease, 66.7% in patients with chronic liver disease, 60.8% of patients with congestive heart failure, and 36.4% in healthy adults. PMH was found to be increasingly present with ageing, getting to 100% by age 90 years and above. It was not seen in the peadiatric age group assessed in this study. We concluded that PMH is aging phenomenon in blacks and its appearance may increase in severity in disorders of increase melanin production.