Kosmetische Medizin 6-2009: 205

Sublative RejuvenationTM – Fractional radiofrequency for the therapy of wrinkles and scars


KEYWORDS: Wrinkles, scars, radiofrequency, sublative rejuvenation

In sublative rejuvenation a fractional bipolar radiofrequency technology is used, which applies effectively and evenly a dermal thermal damage. The epidermis is affected only slightly. While fractional laser technology creates a pillared or whedge-shaped patterned damage, sublative rejuvenation creates – through a small entrance point due to tissue impedance – ideally a pyramid-shaped heat field. The ablative and especially the coagulative zone spreads out under the surface and reflects the higher warming of the deeper areas of the connective tissue and collagen. This special sublative focussing achieves better clinical results and reduces concurrently, long recovery time and the risks of potential side effects. A higher dermal warming leads to a stronger collagen neogenesis, which makes sublative rejuvenation a popular method for wrinkle reduction. Furthermore, the method leads to improvement of skin structure in all skin types and is also suitable for the treatment of scars.