Kosmetische Medizin 2-2010: 94 – 97

Comparison of a hyaluronic acid – dextranomer filler with an established hyaluronic acid compound


KEY WORDS: Filler hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid – dextranomer filler, Z Fill

Today there are more than 150 filler substances available and constantly new ones join the market. Especially with new products the question arises, if they possess better or less efficacy compared to established products. So, where are the differences regarding efficacy, durability and adverse effects and in which form do they have an effect on patient satisfaction? In the following we report on our experiences that we made with a new filler substance based on a synthetic made fermented hyaluronic acid containing 25 mg dextranomer per 1 ml filler substance. The new hyaluronic acids show comparable effects and side effects to the established product. But the durability of the new hyaluronic acid containg dextranomers is approximately 20 % longer, due to activation of the connective tissue.