Kosmetische Medizin 2-2010: 80 – 83

Mesotherapy today – Design of a treatment protocol:
An attempt in creating standards through the Network AestheticMeso


KEYWORDS: Mesotherapy, standards, rejuvenation, injection aids, mesococktail

Mesotherapy is a therapy procedure for many different indications based more upon experience as upon scientific research. In the Network-AesthetikMeso, so far the protocols for MesoGlow, MesoLift, MesoHair and MesoCellu have been finalized and are presented here in more detail. The design of standardized protocols, that can be adhered to world wide, is not a short-term goal. In fact, in our network we plan in the long-term and we assume that several years are needed, until enough experiences are evaluated and implemented as standards. The network is a great help for  comparing therapies in the field of mesotherapy world wide and to mediate an objectivation of the results.