Kosmetische Medizin 3-2010: 140 – 145

Striae cutis distensae and the therapeutic opportunities


KEY WORDS: Striae distensae, classification, differential diagnosis, treatment, TCA peel, carboxytherapy

Striae cutis distensae are an important aesthetic as well as psychological problem for a large part of the population. Although they do not cause significant functional impairment, in certain patients (models, actors) however they limit their professional and social realization.

Therapeutic options have been relatively uncertain, seldom esthetically satisfying, not always applicable and the effect was disputable (TRILIX, laser therapy, surgical remodelling, combined methods, peelings, carboxytherapy, dermarollers, and conservative therapy). The work compares four therapeutic approaches – TCA peel with occlusion, carboxytherapy, the application of creams containing cepae extract, heparin and allantoin and the application of creams containing Centella asiatica and Pinus sylvestris applied using an elaborate system of massage movements. Best effects were observed in the application of TCA peel with occlusion. When the localities are treated using the massage moves applying a cream containing Centella asiatica and Pinus sylvestris, the aesthetic effect is potentiated.

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