Kosmetische Medizin 4-2010: 188 – 193

Secondary dengue fever infection


1 Department of Dermatology and Allergology and
2 Centre for Travellers Medicine and Vaccination, Academic Teaching
Hospital Dresden-Friedrichstadt, Friedrichstraße 41, 01067 Dresden, Germany.

KEY WORDS: Sudden onset tropical fever; dengue fever; diagnosis

Dengue fever (DF) is the most common infection by arboviruses world wide. Endemic areas are seen in tropic and subtropic countries. Recently, more cases have been detected in Europe and mosquito vectors were identified in some Mediterranean regions. We report of a 21-year old German traveller returning from Indoneasia who presented with sudden onset fever, arthralgia and erythema with island of sparing.

RT-PCR identified DF virus and serology disclosed IgG and IgM antibodies. Based on the medical history this DF infection was caused by type 4 virus. One year before, he had a primary infection with type 1 virus. The course in secondary infection often is more severe and the risk of complications such as haemorrhagic DF and DF shock syndrome is increased. Because of possible mucocutaneous symptoms dermatologists play an important role in diagnosis and infection control.

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