Kosmetische Medizin 5-2010: 234 – 242

Metabolic physiological principles for skin, health and rejuvenation:
Vitamin D3, glutamine and melatonin


KEY WORDS: Glutamine, melatonin, metabolism, mitochondria, vitamin D3

The foundation of multi cellular life – therewith also of human kind – is the generation of energy in the mitochondria. With help of the citrate cyclus and the oxidative phosphorilation, 38 adenosine-triphosphate (ATP) molecules are generated from 1 glucose molecule, whereas primitive monocellular organisms can only generate 2 ATP molecules out of 1 glucose molecule through fermentation. The mitochondrial energy metabolism is of central importance for the cell; concurrently being susceptible to oxidative- (ROS) and nitrosative- (RNS) reactive compounds, so called ROS and / or RNS stress. The dysfunction of the mitochondrial metabolism is the main basis: a) for the emergence of chronic diseases (including high blood pressure, heart attack, apoplexia, type-2 diabetes, cancer) and b) for organic aging. Four factors, 2 hormones – vitamine D3 and melatonin -, a classic vitamine – vitamine B12 -, and an essential amino acid – glutamine – in interacting, play a decisive role in keeping the mitochondria healthy. At the same time they are of essential pre-emptive importance in avoiding chronic diseases and maintaining youthful buoyancy. If the deficits of these key substances in the metabolism are brought to balance, in combination with a hypoxie-hyperoxie-intervall-training® and/or a topical substitution of mitrope substances, the energy metabolism within the whole organism (or topically) can be regenerated and thus be rejuvenated.

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