Kosmetische Medizin 6-2010: 280-292

Viral induced zoonoses of the skin


KEY WORDS: Arboviruses, arenaviridae, dengue fever, zoonoses

Zoonoses are infections that are transmitted naturally from animals onto Humans (WHO definition). In 55 % of the cases viruses are the cause of zoonoses, in 18 % of the cases bacteria, in 14 % of the cases mycoses and in 13 % of the cases parasytes. For the european medical fraternity viral zoonoses are a rising problem. Patients, using immunosuppresive medications or that have a immune mediated disease and travelling to the tropics are especially at risk. This review concentrates on the most important viral diseases that are transmitted from animals onto humans.

The skin lesions are often less characteristic, only in synopsis with existing general symptoms, often with accompanying neurological malfunctions, a correct diagnosis is possible. In many cases confirmation is only achieved through serum analysis. The increase, especially through mosquito transmitted viral zoonoses, can mainly be associated with ecological and climatic factors. Viral zoonoses should be given more consideration with exanthema of different morphs, especially when concurrent inflammation of joints or neurologic symptoms exist.

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