Kosmetische Medizin 1-2011: 26-31

Abstracts of the 4th Annual Conference of the German Society of Aesthetic Botulinum toxin Therapy


KEYWORDS: Botulinumtoxin, DGBT, Filler

The German Society of Botulinumtoxin-Therapy is the first society to focus on quality control in aesthetic botulinumtoxin therapy. The necessity of the 2006 founded society is reflected in the rising number of aesthetic botulinumtoxin type A treatments in Germany and worldwide. On the occasion of the 4. annual meeting, the results of the past experiences were summarized. The DGBT now has more than 540 members. “The success of the DGBT lies in the global uniqueness of
the given concept: A coordinated scientific and hands-on training through doctors for doctors, based on a standardized curriculum”, said Dr. Boris Sommer, president of the DGBT. Some of the lectures of the meeting are presented below.

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