Kosmetische Medizin 2012 (5): 160-164

Volumenaugmentation der Hände mit Calcium-Hydroxylapatit-Mikrosphären


KEY WORDS: Augmentation, Calcium-Hydroxylapatite (CaHA), Radiesse®, Dorsum of the hand

Apart from the face, the aging process is especially detectable on the hands, as they, too, are continuously subjected to external aging triggers such as e.g. ultraviolet radiation. Additionally, patients undergoing facial rejuvenating procedures realize an increasing mismatch between the rejuvenated face and their hands. Mainly the loss of dorsal subcutaneous tissue leads to an increased exposure of tendons and pronounced veins, resulting finally in an aesthetically undesirable “sceletonized” appearance of their hands. The dermal filler based on calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres is characterized by an outstanding high viscosity and elasticity and can effect an immediate volumizing effect after augmentation. It’s lack of hygroscopic potential is also advantageous in the augmentation of the hands. Previous studies of the volumizing filler Radiesse ® (with a follow-up-time of up to one year in augmentation of the hands) which holds an FDA approval, confirm the high efficiency and safety of this product. Several studies were performed in hand augmentation. According to my experience the augmentation of the hands with CaHA is a safe and effective procedure, which enables amazing immediate and long-lasting treatment results with practically no downtime for our patients.