Kosmet Med 2014. 34(6): 261 -265

Controversies in aesthetic medicine:
8. Treatment schedule – the forbidden topic
Kontroversen in der ästhetischen Medizin:
8. Behandlungsschema – Das verbotene Thema

Ilja l. Kruglikov

Key words: Treatment schedule, relaxation time, extracellular matrix, optimal treatment strategy

Treatment results are significantly dependent on applied treatment schedule. to provide an optimal treatment strategy, the relaxation times of most important components of extracellular matrix must be taken into account. These times have normally the scale of several minutes to several hours, seldom of days and never of weeks or months. This means the optimal treatment strategy must be based on significantly higher frequency of session as the classic treatment schedules usually applied in aesthetics. Such strategy cannot be normally realized in ambulant treatments and demands the involvement of patients into the treatment process.