Kosmet Med 2014 (35):  27-29

Rejuvenating facial skin by about 8 years with hyal® acp
Verjüngung der Gesichtshaut um 8 Jahre durch HYAL ACP

Irene Konlechner
Key words: hyal® acp, hyaluronic acid, rejuvenation, aged skin, wrinkles

Background: hyaluronic acid has essential impact on the regenerative capacity of the skin which on aging incurs a continuous loss of hyaluronic acid content. We describe a female patient with pronounced loss of elasticity of the skin that was treated with HYAL® ACP – an auto cross-linked fermentative hyaluronic acid.
Methods: The cheeks of a 48 year old woman showing considerable sings loss of elasticity were treated at weeks 0, 2 and 6 with injections of HYAL® ACP (2 ml per visit). Signs of skin aging were assessed by the physician each time before HYAL® ACP was applicated using the categories “not present”, “mild”, “moderate” and “severe” and the course of treatment was illustrated by photographic documentation. The patient judged the skin condition on a 4-point scale (ranging from “very good” to “bad”) and rated the global treatment satisfaction on a 6-point school note system from 1 = “very good” to 6 = “unsatisfactory”.
Results: Loss of elasticity and stiffness as well as the wrinkleness of the skin improved from moderate to mild 6 weeks after start of treatment according to physician’s assessment. The patient rated elasticity as being improved by 2 categories from “bad” to “good” and skin feeling, stiffness and moisture improved by 1 category each. The global treatment satisfaction was judged as “very good” by the patient. The handling comfort, injection pressure and distribution of the injected material was very good.
Conclusion: The use of HYAL® ACP resulted in a visual rejuvenation of the skin by at least 8 years. This is not only the consequence of volume substitution but  may most probably also be caused by the regenerating effects of the substance in the dermal matrix. HYAL® ACP was very comfortable to use and the patient was most satisfied.