Die Cryolipothermie: kälteinduzierte, zitterfreie Thermogenesis zum nichtoperativen Bodycontouring

Cryolipothermia: cold induced, jitter-free thermogenesis for non-invasive Body Contouring
Matthias Sandhofer, Martina Sandhofer, Patrick Schauer


Key words: Cryolipothermia, jitter-free thermogenesis, beige and brown adipozytes, metbolic syndrome, adiposity, lipodysmorphia, body contouring, lipedema

The knowledge about jitter-free thermogenesis and the discovery of the responsible adipocyte population can lead us into a new era of non-invasive body contouring. We call this cryo-application to reduce fatty tissue cryolipothermia. We often implement it in addition to our frequently performed liposuction and successfully performed cryolipolysis. Especially the combined application of cryolipolysis and cryolipothermia can be an alternative to surgical therapies for lipodysmorphic patients.