Kosmed Med 2014 (35)2: 52 – 58

The juxtaoral organ:
review of literature of a little known structure in the deep jowl region

Sebastian Cotofana
Institut of Anatomy, Paracelsus Medical Private University, Salzburg

Keywords: Juxtaoral organ, deep jowl region, mechanoreceptor, nervus buccalis, epithelial cell nests


The juxtaoral organ (JOO) is found constantly and bilaterally in the bucco-temporal space in humans. It can be identified in the vicinity of the buccinator muscle and its surrounding fibrous capsule is embeded in the bucco-temporal fascia. Current studies propose majorly the implication as a mechano receptor beside the functions as a neuro-secretoryorgan. Lesions of the cheek, without clinical symptoms of pain and inflammation or neurologic deficiencies and without previous manipulatory actions in this area maybe considered as a hyperplastic JOO. In cases of unknown origin of histo-pathologic biopsies revealing epithelial islands residing in peripheral nerves, immune histochemical staining using antibodies against epithelial markers may provide more insight in the present pahology.