Guidelines for Authors

Types of Manuscripts
In “Kosmetische Medizin” (Cosmetic Medicine),contributions are published in the fields of Dermatology, Cosmetology and similar topics.. Original papers, overviews, diagnostics and treatment application, casuistics ( incl. casuistic illustrations) and reports of conferences and symposia, readers´ commentaries, News, Personalia, meeting dates and articles on the medical profession are published. The articles are either written in English or in German. Their content should fit the section in which they are published and their style should match the journal´s profile.

If the contribution has been previously offered to another publication and rejected, the author should mention this when he submits his paper.

Acceptance of Manuscripts
Manuscripts are accepted only, if they have not been previously published elsewhere. The Editor-in Chief determines if a contribution is accepted for publication. The editorial staff will assist the Editor in examining the contribution. Furthermore, publication must be authorized by it´s eventual co-authors.

The manuscripts are to be forwarded to Grosse Verlag,  “Kosmetische Medizin”, Douglas Grosse, Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 90, 10585 Berlin, E-mail: douglas.grosse(at) (Illustrations: please, refer to the section “Illustration” below)

Length of Manuscript
Maximal length: 12 pages of DIN size (approximately 45.000 letters, including blank signs). Languages: Either English or German plus summaries and keywords in the respective other language. Overviews: Maximum of 6 DIN-A4-pages, the English and German summary and key-words included. Congress reports: Maximum of 4 DIN-pages.

The number and size of tables, graphics and illustrations must respectively relate to the written text.

Other Aspects
Decimal numbers are published with commas. After the per-cent signs and shortened measurement units, an empty space is required

Structure of Manuscript
Clear structuring of the manuscript is essential. The optimal structure should include an introducing super line and a headline. summaries should not exceed 250 to 300 letters, keywords should not exceed 4 to 6 terms. Material and methods, casuistic, introductions, results discussion should show respective sectional headlines. These sectional headlines should be clearly recognizable. Illustrations and tables should be listed in the text with a respective identification number in parenthesis.

The concluding summary should contain in brief form the data and significant results of the manuscript

Eventual “thank-you” remarks, the list of literature, explanations of illustrations and tables and their illustration sources should also be listed again at the end of the manuscript.

Furthermore: Your correspondence address including telephone, fax and e-mail number, if available.

Illustrations should be delivered, numbered and separate from the manuscript text. Legends should be listed on separate sheets. A short and comprehensive text below the illustration can exclude repeating the text in the regular manuscript.

It is the author´s responsibility that the reproduction of photos on which a patient can be recognized is authorized by the person shown, respectively his legal representative. The author is further responsible for the authorization by eventual copyright-owners of illustrations. All illustrations should list, on their reverse side, the name of the author as well as markers “upper end” and “lower end”.

Technical remarks
Illustrations should be sharp and contrasted on paper or as diapositives. Markings of publishable sections of the illustration should be given. If an Illustration is digitalized, it should not be integrated in the manuscript data. It should be delivered in the formats TIF or JPEG <with a minimum resolution of 300 DPI) or separately as EPS>.

In the case of technical questions please contact Douglas Grosse, telefon-number +49 (0)30 – 886 749 -30

List of Literature
Literature should be delivered alphabetically, starting with the primary author and numbered in sequence. In the manuscript only the numbers are quoted in the parenthesis. The list of literature should if at all possible not include more 20 sources, in overviews, not more than 30. The directives of Index Medicus should be followed

Examples for Quotation
a) Periodicals: Hantsche D, Goos M (1990) Kutane Manisfestation einer Pilz-sepsis. Hautarzt 41: 392-393.
b) Books: Friedrichs KH, Kainka-Staenike F, Darsow U, Becker W, Tamigas R (1991) Allergens and Pollutants in their air-a complex interaction, In: Ring J, Pryzbilla B (eds) New Trends in allergy III, Springer, Berlin Heidelberg New York 457-478.

Types of Manuscript
The contribution should be given to the publisher in a printed version. Data can be forwarded for further editing, via e-mail, to douglas.grosse(at)

The text should be sent as an attachment of an e-mail. Furthermore, small illustrations, in their original size and format on a CD or USB-Stick.

Editor-in-chief and the publisher reserve the right to edit the manuscripts. Corrected versions will be forwarded for “o.k.” to the author and should be returned on the suggested date. Is this not the case, agreement for correction, on our part, is assumed.

Voucher Copy / Author´s Reprints
The authors will receive two voucher copies, free of charge.
An additional request for voucher copies and reprints up to 100 issues should be indicated on the printed text version forwarded for o.k.. Requests for a re-print in excess of 100 copies will be charged to the author upon delivery.